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EcEndEffectorPlacement Class Reference

A description of an end-effector placement. More...

#include <ecEndEffectorPlacement.h>

Inheritance diagram for EcEndEffectorPlacement:
EcXmlCompoundType EcXmlObject

Public Member Functions

 EcEndEffectorPlacement ()
 default constructor
 EcEndEffectorPlacement (const EcCoordinateSystemTransformation &xform)
 constructor to convert EcCoordinateSystemTransformation to this class
virtual ~EcEndEffectorPlacement ()
 EcEndEffectorPlacement (const EcEndEffectorPlacement &orig)
 copy constructor
EcEndEffectorPlacementoperator= (const EcEndEffectorPlacement &orig)
 assignment operator
EcBoolean operator== (const EcEndEffectorPlacement &orig) const
 equality operator
 operator EcCoordinateSystemTransformation () const
 convert to EcCoordinateSystemTransformation
virtual EcXmlObjectclone () const EC_OVERRIDE
 clone - a constructor to an EcXmlObject pointer
virtual void registerComponents () EC_OVERRIDE
 register components with the parent
virtual EcBoolean write (EcXmlWriter &stream) const EC_OVERRIDE
 write this object to an XML stream
virtual EcBoolean readBin (std::istream &stream)
 read this object from a binary stream
virtual EcBoolean writeBin (std::ostream &stream) const
 write this object to a binary stream
virtual EcBoolean writeSchema (EcXmlSchema &stream) const EC_OVERRIDE
 write schema
virtual EcBoolean readValueFromSpecialToken (const EcToken &token, EcXmlReader &stream) EC_OVERRIDE
 read the value from an unregistered token
virtual EcBoolean equality (const EcXmlObject *other) const EC_OVERRIDE
 equality - equality to an EcXmlObject pointer
virtual EcXmlObjectnewObject () const EC_OVERRIDE
 new that returns an EcXmlObject
virtual const EcTokentoken () const EC_OVERRIDE
 a (mostly string) token for this class
const EcXmlRealVectordata () const
EcXmlRealVectordata ()
 get data – non-const version
void setData (const EcXmlRealVector &value)
 set data
const EcCoordinateSystemTransformationcoordSysXForm () const
 get coordinate system transformation
EcCoordinateSystemTransformationcoordSysXForm ()
 get coordinate system transformation – non-const
void setCoordSysXForm (const EcCoordinateSystemTransformation &value)
 set coordinate system transformation
EcBoolean interpolation (const EcEndEffectorPlacement &placement1, const EcEndEffectorPlacement &placement2, EcReal factor)
 interpolation between two placements
EcBoolean approxEq (const EcEndEffectorPlacement &placement2, EcReal tol) const
- Public Member Functions inherited from EcXmlCompoundType
virtual EcBoolean xmlInit () EC_OVERRIDE
virtual EcBoolean read (EcXmlReader &stream) EC_OVERRIDE
 read object from an XML stream
virtual EcBoolean readAttributes (EcXmlReader &stream)
 read object attributes from an XML stream
virtual EcBoolean readElements (EcXmlReader &stream)
 read object elements from an XML stream
virtual EcBoolean writeAttributes (EcXmlWriter &stream) const
 write object attributes to an XML stream
virtual EcBoolean writeElements (EcXmlWriter &stream) const
 write object elements to an XML stream
virtual EcBoolean writeSchemaAttributes (EcXmlSchema &stream) const
 write schema attributes
virtual EcBoolean writeSchemaElements (EcXmlSchema &stream) const
 write schema elements
virtual void registerComponent (const EcToken &token, EcXmlObject *obj)
 register a single component More...
virtual void registerComponent (EcXmlObject *obj)
 register a single component More...
virtual void registerComponentReadOnly (const EcToken &token, EcXmlObject *obj)
 register a single component as read-only More...
virtual const EcXmlComponentMapcomponentMap () const
 get a reference to the component map
virtual void registerAttributeComponent (const EcToken &AttribToken, EcXmlObject *Obj)
 register a single attribute component More...
virtual void registerAttributeComponentReadOnly (const EcToken &AttribToken, EcXmlObject *Obj)
 register a single attribute component read-only More...
virtual const EcXmlComponentMapattributeComponentMap ()
 get a reference to the component attribute map
virtual const EcXmlSpecialDescriptorMapspecialDescriptorMap ()
 get a reference to the special-descriptor map
virtual void registerComponentDescriptor (const EcToken &xmlToken, const EcToken &descriptorToken, const EcString &descriptorString)
 register an XML token-string descriptor More...
virtual const EcXmlTokenStringDescriptorMapMaptokenStringDescriptorMap ()
 get a reference to the XML token-string descriptor map
virtual EcBoolean hasChildren () const
 return EcTrue if there are children components or EcFalse if an empty element.
virtual EcBoolean hasAttributes () const
 return EcTrue if there are attributes in the element.
- Public Member Functions inherited from EcXmlObject
virtual EcBoolean readAttribute (EcXmlReader &stream)
 read this attribute from an XML stream
virtual EcBoolean createSchema (const EcString &filename, const EcToken &objectName=EcXml::EcDefaultToken) const
 create schema
virtual EcBoolean xmlInitialized () const
 get XML initialized flag. This bit is set on initialization.
virtual void setXmlInitialized (EcBoolean val=EcTrue)
 set XML initialized flag. This bit is set on initialization.
virtual EcBoolean specified () const
 get specified flag. This bit is set upon reading from an XML file.
virtual void setSpecified (EcBoolean val=EcTrue)
 set specified flag. This bit is set upon reading from an XML file.
virtual EcBoolean isBasicType () const
 Return true/false for basic type.
virtual EcBoolean equalsDefault () const
 tests equality of XML object with default

Static Public Member Functions

static const EcEndEffectorPlacementidentity ()
 get a static const reference

Protected Attributes

EcXmlRealVector m_Data
 the data representation of end-effector placement
EcCoordinateSystemTransformation m_CoordSysXForm
 the spatial placement
- Protected Attributes inherited from EcXmlCompoundType
- Protected Attributes inherited from EcXmlObject
EcU8 m_State
 the state of the object - eight boolean flags

Static Protected Attributes

static const EcEndEffectorPlacement m_theIdentity
 an identity to return by reference
- Static Protected Attributes inherited from EcXmlObject
static const EcU8 m_theXmlInitializedBit
 the bit used to describe xml initialization
static const EcU8 m_theSpecifiedBit
 the bit used to describe specification

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Types inherited from EcXmlCompoundType
enum  {
 special-descriptor codes More...
- Protected Member Functions inherited from EcXmlCompoundType
virtual EcBoolean readValueFromToken (const EcToken &token, EcXmlReader &stream)
virtual EcBoolean readAttributeFromToken (const EcToken &token, EcXmlReader &stream)
virtual EcXmlComponentMapnewComponentMap () const
 allocate a new componentMap
virtual EcXmlSpecialDescriptorMapnewSpecialDescriptorMap ()
 allocate a new specialDescriptorsMap
virtual EcXmlTokenStringDescriptorMapMapnewTokenStringDescriptorMap ()
 allocate a new tokenStringDescriptorsMap
virtual void createComponentMap () const
 create component map
virtual void createAttributeComponentMap ()
 create attribute component map
virtual void createSpecialDescriptorMap ()
 create special-descriptors map
virtual void createTokenStringDescriptorMap ()
 create token-string descriptor map
virtual EcBoolean isReadOnlyComponent (const EcToken token) const
 check to see if the token corresponds to a read-only component
virtual EcBoolean isReadOnlyAttribute (const EcToken token) const
 check to see if the token corresponds to a read-only attribute
virtual EcXmlObjectlibraryAttribute ()

Detailed Description

A description of an end-effector placement.

Holds a class to describe an end-effector placement, which can be either a vector of reals or a coordinate system transformation.

ecCirclePathExampleDirection.cpp, ecPathPlanningCoreMain.cpp, ecPathPlanningMain.cpp, ecPositionControlMain.cpp, ecProfilingMain.cpp, ecQuickStartKinematicsMain.cpp, and ecRemoteCommandExampleMain.cpp.

Definition at line 17 of file ecEndEffectorPlacement.h.

Member Function Documentation

EcBoolean EcEndEffectorPlacement::approxEq ( const EcEndEffectorPlacement placement2,
EcReal  tol 
) const

test for approximate equality of the placement. If the size of data in placment2 is not equal to that in this, it will return false. If the data size is greater than zero, only the equality of data portions will be evaluated and the method will return true if the data portions of the two are approximately equal. if the data size is zero, then the coordSysXForm portions will be evaluated.

const EcXmlRealVector& EcEndEffectorPlacement::data ( ) const

get data, which is a vector of reals. This is used for end-effectors whose placements do not naturally take the form of EcCoordinateSystemTransformation


Definition at line 122 of file ecEndEffectorPlacement.h.

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