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EcLowPassFilter Class Reference

Low pass filter for online and offline applications. More...

#include <ecLowPassFilter.h>

Public Member Functions

 EcLowPassFilter ()
 EcLowPassFilter (EcReal timeConstant, EcReal samplingTime)
 EcLowPassFilter (EcReal timeConstant, EcReal samplingTime, EcReal oldData)
virtual EcReal timeConstant ()
 Get the time constant.
virtual void setTimeConstant (EcReal timeConstant)
 Set time constant. More...
virtual EcReal samplingTime ()
 Get the sampling time.
virtual void setSamplingTime (EcReal samplingTime)
 Set the sampling time. More...
virtual void setOldData (EcReal oldData)
 Set old data.
virtual EcReal updateOutput (EcReal newData)
 Use this when dealing with on-line signal, one datum at a time.
virtual void reset ()
 reset the current and old values

Static Public Member Functions

static EcReal output (EcReal newData, EcReal oldData, EcReal samplingTime, EcReal timeConstant)
 static implementation

Protected Attributes

EcReal m_TimeConstant
 Filter time constant.
EcReal m_SamplingTime
 Filter sampling time.
EcReal m_OldData
 Data from previous cycle.

Detailed Description

Low pass filter for online and offline applications.

This class implements low pass filters.

Definition at line 18 of file ecLowPassFilter.h.

Member Function Documentation

virtual void EcLowPassFilter::setSamplingTime ( EcReal  samplingTime)

Set the sampling time.

timeConstantTime constant
virtual void EcLowPassFilter::setTimeConstant ( EcReal  timeConstant)

Set time constant.

timeConstantTime constant

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