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EcXmlBaseVariableCompoundType Class Referenceabstract

Holds a compound set of XML data. More...

#include <ecXmlBaseVarCompType.h>

Inheritance diagram for EcXmlBaseVariableCompoundType:
EcXmlObject EcBaseExpressionTreeContainer< ExpressionType > EcBaseExpressionTreeSharedContainer< ExpressionType > EcXmlVariableElementType< ElementType > EcXmlVariableElementType< EcTireBackendBase > EcXmlVariableElementType< EcTireProviderBase > EcXmlVariableElementType< EcTireRequesterBase > EcXmlVariableElementType< HardwarePluginData > EcXmlVariableElementType< State > EcXmlVariableMapType< KeyType, ValueType > EcXmlVariableSharedElementType< ElementType > EcXmlVariableSharedElementType< EcAnalogDigitalIoModuleBase > EcXmlVariableVectorType< ElementType > EcXmlVariableVectorType< EcAnalogInputChannelBase > EcXmlVariableVectorType< EcAnalogOutputChannelBase > EcXmlVariableVectorType< EcBasicStudy > EcXmlVariableVectorType< EcCosimulationModuleBase > EcXmlVariableVectorType< EcDigitalInputChannelBase > EcXmlVariableVectorType< EcDigitalOutputChannelBase > EcXmlVariableVectorType< EcImageSensor > EcXmlVariableVectorType< EcInterpolatedPoint > EcXmlVariableVectorType< EcPathPoint > EcXmlVariableVectorType< EcRobotServoConfigBase > EcXmlVariableVectorType< HardwareConfigBase >

Public Member Functions

 ECDECLARE_BIGFOUR (EcXmlBaseVariableCompoundType)
virtual EcBoolean xmlInit () EC_OVERRIDE
virtual void registerComponentCreators ()=0
 register all component creators - should be subclassed in child
virtual void registerComponentCreator (const EcToken &token, EcXmlObjectCreator creator)
 register a single optional component
virtual EcXmlObjectnewObjectFromToken (const EcToken &token) const
 create a new object from its token
virtual EcBoolean read (EcXmlReader &stream) EC_OVERRIDE
 read this object from an XML stream
virtual EcBoolean write (EcXmlWriter &stream) const EC_OVERRIDE
 write this object to an XML stream
virtual EcBoolean writeSchema (EcXmlSchema &stream) const EC_OVERRIDE
 write this object to an XML stream
virtual const EcXmlStringVectoraddLibraries () const
 gets the library names (minus extension)
virtual void setAddLibraries (const EcXmlStringVector &addLibraries)
 sets the library names (minus extension)
virtual const EcXmlCreatorMapcreatorMap () const
 gets the creator map
- Public Member Functions inherited from EcXmlObject
virtual EcXmlObjectclone () const =0
virtual EcBoolean readAttribute (EcXmlReader &stream)
 read this attribute from an XML stream
virtual EcBoolean createSchema (const EcString &filename, const EcToken &objectName=EcXml::EcDefaultToken) const
 create schema
virtual EcBoolean xmlInitialized () const
 get XML initialized flag. This bit is set on initialization.
virtual void setXmlInitialized (EcBoolean val=EcTrue)
 set XML initialized flag. This bit is set on initialization.
virtual EcBoolean specified () const
 get specified flag. This bit is set upon reading from an XML file.
virtual void setSpecified (EcBoolean val=EcTrue)
 set specified flag. This bit is set upon reading from an XML file.
virtual EcBoolean isBasicType () const
 Return true/false for basic type.
virtual EcBoolean equalsDefault () const
 tests equality of XML object with default
virtual EcBoolean equality (const EcXmlObject *other) const =0
 equality - a virtual equality to an EcXmlObject pointer
virtual EcXmlObjectnewObject () const =0
 creates new object - a virtual new to an EcXmlObject pointer
virtual const EcTokentoken () const =0
 gets the xml token used for writing out.

Protected Member Functions

virtual EcBoolean readValueFromToken (const EcToken &token, EcXmlReader &stream)=0
virtual void processLibraries ()
 process the add libraries

Protected Attributes

EcXmlFactory m_XmlFactory
 A map holding the relationship between string labels and subcomponents.
EcXmlStringVector m_AddLibraries
 the arry of library names
- Protected Attributes inherited from EcXmlObject
EcU8 m_State
 the state of the object - eight boolean flags

Additional Inherited Members

- Static Protected Attributes inherited from EcXmlObject
static const EcU8 m_theXmlInitializedBit
 the bit used to describe xml initialization
static const EcU8 m_theSpecifiedBit
 the bit used to describe specification

Detailed Description

Holds a compound set of XML data.

Creator functions are registered for variable compound types (holding unions, etc.).

Definition at line 18 of file ecXmlBaseVarCompType.h.

Member Function Documentation

EcXmlBaseVariableCompoundType::ECDECLARE_BIGFOUR ( EcXmlBaseVariableCompoundType  )

ECDECLARE_BIGFOUR(EcCls) Macro declares a constructor, destructor, copy constructor, equal operator, and equality operator

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