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EcMotionScriptFindSolution Class Reference

Find joint solution for a manipulation end effector placement. More...

#include <ecMotionScriptFindSolution.h>

Inheritance diagram for EcMotionScriptFindSolution:

Public Types

enum  ParameterType {
 param type
typedef std::map< EcString, ParameterTypeEcMotionScriptFindSolutionParamMap
- Public Types inherited from EcMotionScriptObject
enum  Status {

Public Member Functions

 EcMotionScriptFindSolution ()
 default constructor
virtual const EcStringtoken () const EC_OVERRIDE
virtual EcBoolean read (const EcMotionScriptTokenTree &tokenTree, EcString *pErrorMsg) EC_OVERRIDE
 read list More...
virtual EcString write () const EC_OVERRIDE
 write to script More...
virtual Status run (EcBaseControlSystemModifier &modifier, const EcReal currentTime) EC_OVERRIDE
 run the script More...
virtual void restart () EC_OVERRIDE
 restart by setting the status to NOT_STARTED More...
- Public Member Functions inherited from EcMotionScriptObject
 EcMotionScriptObject ()
 default constructor
virtual ~EcMotionScriptObject ()
Status status () const
 get status
EcReal progress () const
 get progress in [0, 1]
virtual void setContainter (EcBaseMotionScriptContainer *pContainer)
 set the container
EcBoolean readWithContainer (const EcMotionScriptTokenTree &tokenTree, EcBaseMotionScriptContainer *pContainer, EcString *pErrorMsg)
 read with container
virtual void pause ()
 request to pause
virtual void resume ()
 request to resume
virtual void abort ()
 Set the status to ABORTED.

Static Public Member Functions

static EcMotionScriptObjectnewObject ()
 motion script object creator
static const EcStringscriptToken ()
 script token
- Static Public Member Functions inherited from EcMotionScriptObject
static EcMotionScriptSharedPtr parseScript (const EcString &script, EcString *pErrorMsg)
 parse script
static EcMotionScriptSharedPtr parseScript (const EcMotionScriptTokenTree &tokenTree, EcBaseMotionScriptContainer *pContainer, EcString *pErrorMsg)
 parse script
static EcBoolean isKeyword (const EcString &symbol)
 is keyword
static EcBoolean tokenize (const EcString &script, EcStringList &tokens, EcString *pErrorMsg)
static EcBoolean readFromTokens (EcStringList &tokens, EcMotionScriptTokenTree &tokenTree, EcString *pErrorMsg)
 read from tokens
static EcBoolean registerScript (const EcString &scriptToken, const EcMotionScriptObjectCreator &creator)

Additional Inherited Members

- Protected Attributes inherited from EcMotionScriptObject
 the container
Status m_Status
 motion status
EcReal m_Progress
 motion script progress in [0, 1]
EcBoolean m_PauseFlag

Detailed Description

Find joint solution for a manipulation end effector placement.

Definition at line 30 of file ecMotionScriptFindSolution.h.

Member Function Documentation

virtual EcBoolean EcMotionScriptFindSolution::read ( const EcMotionScriptTokenTree tokenTree,
EcString pErrorMsg 

read list

(find_solution <manip_id> <ee_set_id> <solution_symbol> (<target_place_0> [<target_place_1> ...]) [(<para_0_str> <para_0_value>) ...])

Implements EcMotionScriptObject.

virtual void EcMotionScriptFindSolution::restart ( )

restart by setting the status to NOT_STARTED

Implements EcMotionScriptObject.

virtual Status EcMotionScriptFindSolution::run ( EcBaseControlSystemModifier modifier,
const EcReal  currentTime 

run the script

Implements EcMotionScriptObject.

virtual EcString EcMotionScriptFindSolution::write ( ) const

write to script

Implements EcMotionScriptObject.

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