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EcBaseMotionScriptVariableType< ValueType > Class Template Reference

Base class of motion script variables. More...

#include <ecBaseMotionScriptVariable.h>

Inheritance diagram for EcBaseMotionScriptVariableType< ValueType >:
EcBaseMotionScriptVariable EcMotionScriptObject EcMotionScriptBooleanObject EcMotionScriptOrientationObject EcMotionScriptPoseObject EcMotionScriptRealObject EcMotionScriptRealVectorObject EcMotionScriptStringObject EcMotionScriptTranslationObject EcMotionScriptU32Object EcMotionScriptU32VectorObject

Public Types

typedef ValueType value_type
 value type
- Public Types inherited from EcBaseMotionScriptVariable
enum  VariableType {
 variable type
- Public Types inherited from EcMotionScriptObject
enum  Status {

Public Member Functions

virtual const ValueType & value () const
virtual void setValue (const ValueType &value)
 set the value
- Public Member Functions inherited from EcMotionScriptObject
 EcMotionScriptObject ()
 default constructor
virtual ~EcMotionScriptObject ()
Status status () const
 get status
EcReal progress () const
 get progress in [0, 1]
virtual void setContainter (EcBaseMotionScriptContainer *pContainer)
 set the container
virtual const EcStringtoken () const =0
virtual EcBoolean read (const EcMotionScriptTokenTree &tokenTree, EcString *pErrorMsg)=0
 read list
EcBoolean readWithContainer (const EcMotionScriptTokenTree &tokenTree, EcBaseMotionScriptContainer *pContainer, EcString *pErrorMsg)
 read with container
virtual EcString write () const =0
 write to script
virtual Status run (EcBaseControlSystemModifier &modifier, const EcReal currentTime)=0
 run the script
virtual void restart ()=0
 restart by setting the status to NOT_STARTED
virtual void pause ()
 request to pause
virtual void resume ()
 request to resume
virtual void abort ()
 Set the status to ABORTED.

Protected Attributes

ValueType m_Value
 the value
- Protected Attributes inherited from EcMotionScriptObject
 the container
Status m_Status
 motion status
EcReal m_Progress
 motion script progress in [0, 1]
EcBoolean m_PauseFlag

Additional Inherited Members

- Static Public Member Functions inherited from EcBaseMotionScriptVariable
static EcBoolean isSymbolValid (const EcString &symbol, EcString *pErrorMsg)
 Check if a symbol is valid. More...
- Static Public Member Functions inherited from EcMotionScriptObject
static EcMotionScriptSharedPtr parseScript (const EcString &script, EcString *pErrorMsg)
 parse script
static EcMotionScriptSharedPtr parseScript (const EcMotionScriptTokenTree &tokenTree, EcBaseMotionScriptContainer *pContainer, EcString *pErrorMsg)
 parse script
static EcBoolean isKeyword (const EcString &symbol)
 is keyword
static EcBoolean tokenize (const EcString &script, EcStringList &tokens, EcString *pErrorMsg)
static EcBoolean readFromTokens (EcStringList &tokens, EcMotionScriptTokenTree &tokenTree, EcString *pErrorMsg)
 read from tokens
static EcBoolean registerScript (const EcString &scriptToken, const EcMotionScriptObjectCreator &creator)

Detailed Description

template<class ValueType>
class EcBaseMotionScriptVariableType< ValueType >

Base class of motion script variables.

Definition at line 47 of file ecBaseMotionScriptVariable.h.

Member Function Documentation

template<class ValueType >
virtual const ValueType& EcBaseMotionScriptVariableType< ValueType >::value ( ) const

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