Actin®  Version 5.3.0
Software for Robotics Simulation and Control
Actin Viewer License Activation

Software License Activation

When you run Actin Viewer for the first time, it will bring up License Tool as shown in the figure below. Please enter the license code provided with the software and hit Activate button to activate your software. Note that you will need internet connection to activate and run the software. (See below for offline activation).


If everything goes fine, you should see a message box indicating that the software has been activated. If you checked "Launch the viewer after activation" option, Actin Viewer application relaunches upon successful activation. To Deactivate the license click Deactivate.


Trial Activation

To activate a trial version, leave the License Number field empty and hit Activate. A 60-day trial period then begins. You can activate the full version anytime during the trial period by launching the License Tool application (licenseTool.exe) and entering a valid license number.

Offline Activation

We recommend that you activate and run Actin Viewer on a computer with internet connection. However, if you wish to run the software on an offline computer, you will need to activate your license via offline activation process. Please enter your license code in the license number field and check "Offline Activation" as shown in the figure below.


Pressing Activate in offline mode brings up an Offline Activation dialog as shown below. Please save the activation certificate as a text file on a flash drive. From a separate computer with internet connection, email this certificate to Please keep the Offline Activation dialog open (with the same activation certificate which was emailed). You will receive an email back with a validation certificate. Alternatively, the offline validation certificate can also be generated from: Import the validation certificate in Offline Activation dialog and hit OK to activate your software.


Offline activation is a one-time process. You should be able to run the software without internet connection as long as you have a valid license. Please follow the same procedure for offline deactivation if you wish to release a license seat. Once you deactivate, you will need to activate again to be able to run the software.

Once you successfully activate your software, you can see your license information and status (expiration date for trial or subscription) in Help->About Viewer dialog as shown below.



The license file *.lic will be saved at this location ~/.energid on Linux & %PROGRAMDATA%\Energid\licenses on Windows. To deactivate the license we can start the license Tool which will show the present activate license and then click Deactivate or Deleting the *.lic and license.xml files from the above location will deactivate the license.


While Activation of license if we see any error like - Failed to open license library or Failed to open license library- invalid encryption method as shown in the below image

  • on windows delete the contents of folder %APPDATA%\Energid and remove license.xml from folder %PROGRAMDATA%\Energid\licenses
  • on linux have to delete the contents in ~/.energid folder

and try activation again.

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