Actin 5.2 Release Notes

2019 March 7

Energid is pleased to present Actin 5.2.

New Features

Group Motion Manager

Following the PLCopen standard, we have added the Actin Group Motion Manager. This feature allows the user to queue up a group of motions and control the execution of the motions using a predefined state machine. Buffering and blending multiple motions (linear, circular) is possible, as well pause/resume/abort control during group motion execution. For more details see the Group Motion Manager docs

Training Examples

Eight new training example have been added to take you from basic C++ interface to the Actin SDK, through to complex motions with Visualization and EcScript. The examples show you how to load a robot simulation model, execute simple motions, change motion constraint sets, and how to coordinate multiple manipulators. For details see the Training Example docs


Four of our new training example use ActinViz. This new application (includes soure code) demonstrates how to easily render robot simulation and add UI elements for interactive control. A script editor designed specifically for our EcScript with syntax highlighting is included along with script examples. This is a very fast way to experiment with our new EcScript language interactively

Introduction of the RCF Manipulation Plug-in

This plugin provides the capability in the Manipulation Director to play individual scenes when using the new Actin Robot Control Framework architecture. The user can select and play a scene from a list of scenes in the director file

Universal Robots E-Series Support

In the Robot Control Framework (RCF) we've added hardware support for UR E-Series robots as well as the CB Series. UR robot-specific calibration can be applied from within the RCF state machine.

Embedded System Support

VxWorks V6.9: DS License Support is now provided

VxWorks V7.x: We added support for V7.x

RTX-64: Support for RTX-64 is now provided having removed boost dependencies.

EcWin-RTOS32 SDK v6.x: All minor versions of the 6.x SDK are now supported.


Enhanced Collision Detection

Collision detection has been improved in several ways. The self-collision map, which is used to include or exclude collisions between parts on the same manipulator, is now dynamic - it can be changed at runtime. Spatial partitioning (Oct-Trees, KD Trees) is now used to improve collision detection performance. When collision detection occurs, the use can simply interrogate the collision result rather than sifting through the engine EcPropagationResultData.

Actin RT options via configuration file

The command line can be used to specify options at runtime. We've added a configuration file option for when you want to run ActinRT with different configurations or when you need to specify a large number of options such as specifying requested plugins.

Manipulation Director

The following improvements to the Manipulate Director have been made:

Motion Script Improvements

The following changes to the Motion Script are noteworthy:

Application Programming Interface

The following changes to the API Script were implemented: