Actin  Version 5.5.5
Software for Robotics Simulation and Control
Example Models

Using the Example Models

The installer includes multiple example models to show how various rtobotic systems can be constrained to accomplish a task.

UR10 on Table

This model is a simple one with a Universal Robots UR10, and a Robotiq gripper. The arm is mounted to a table and will detect collisions.


UR3 holding part

This model is a UR3 robot with a part mounted to the wrist. This has a sample motion where the model is constrained to perform an external TCP motion.


Yaskawa Welding robot and positioner

This model is of a 7 DOF welding robot and a 2 DOF positioner, merged as one 9 DOF manipulator. This has a sample motion to perform a weld motion with the welder oriented upright in the system, with a free spin in z motion along the part.


UR5 Humanoid

This model is of 2 UR5 robots merged into one "humanoid" manipulator. It has a sample motion to perform an assembly task.


Stewart table

This model is of a 6 DOF stewart table, showing how relative constraints are used to make closed kinematic chains.