Actin  Version 5.5.5
Software for Robotics Simulation and Control
Measure Tool

Using the Measure Tool

The measure tool plugin is used to measure the distance between two points in the simulation. To use this plugin, load the measureToolPlugin.ecp.

After loading the plugin, a "Measure Tool" sub menu is added to the "View" menu as shown in Figure below.

Measure Tool Menu

When we click on this menu, a "Measure Tool" dock widget is rendered as shown in the Figure below.

Measure Tool Widget

When the "Measure Tool" Widget is visible, we can perform the following operations:

  • Make a measurement
  • Change the End Point
  • Copy the measurement values
  • Start a New measurement

These operations are described in more detail below.

Make a Measurement

To make a measurement, click on the starting point in the render window. A red dot will appear at the selected location as shown in the Figure below. The coordinates of the starting point is shown in the widget as "Point 0". Next select the end point by clicking on another point in the render window. The coordinates of the end point are shown in the Measure Tool widget as "Point 1". After selecting the end point, a line joining the two points is rendered and the distance between them is rendered in the current units that has been selected in preferences. This has been shown in the Figures below.

After selecting a Start Point
After selecting an End Point

Change the End Point

We can change the end point by selecting another point in the simulation. By doing this, the previous end point is discarded and the new distance between the start point and the newly selected end point is calculated and shown. The widget is also updated to reflect the newly selected point. This is shown in the Figure below.

Select new end point

Copy the Measurement Values

We can right click in the Measure Tool widget and select the measurements displayed to copy them to clipboard. This allows you to paste them in a text file for further reference.

Start a New Measurement

We can cancel the current measurement by clcking on the [x] button. This will clear the Measure Tool widget and allow the user to select a new start point for the measurement.