Actin  Version 5.5.5
Software for Robotics Simulation and Control
Editing Named Frames

Named frames are coordinate system transformations stored on a EcManipulatorLink that can be used in Actin to aid in the positioning of many things including sensors, poses, and attachments. The underlying class EcNamedFrames is a EcXmlMapType, with a EcXmlString to look up a EcCoordinateSystemTransformation. All the coordinate system transformations are relative to the primary frame of the EcManipulatorLink. Named frames can be created in SolidWorks before the model is converted, or they can be created and edited using the Named Frame Plugin. To use the plugin, load the namedFramePlugin.ecp

Using the Named Frame Plugin

After loading the plugin, a new menu item "Named Frames" will appear under the "Edit" menu.

Edit Named Frames Menu Item

Clicking this will render the "Edit Named Frames" dock widget.

Named Frames Widget

The drop down lists at the top of the widget allow you to select the manipulator and link whose named frames you wish to edit. All the named frames on the selected link will be listed in the list widget. The currently selected named frame from the list will render in the simulation as a coordinate system. Checking the box "Render Named Frames" will render all of the named frames on the selected link.

Show All Named Frames

Creating and Deleting Named Frames

To create a named frame, first ensure that the correct manipulator and link are selected from the drop down lists. Next click the "[+] Add" button to create a new named frame.

Create a Named Frame

To delete a named frame, select the named frame from the list and then click "[x] Delete".

Delete Named Frame

Edit Named Frame

To edit the position and orientation of a named frame on the link, first select the named frame from the list. Next go to the dragger and check "Dragger Pose". This will allow you to move the named frame using the dragger dialog or by clicking and dragging the dragger in the simulation. After setting the new desired position and orientation, you must click "Set Frame Pose" to apply it. If you wish to reset the position and orientation back to what it was before you apply, you can click "Reset Frame Pose" to revert it.

Edit Named Frame with Dragger

Renaming Named Frames

To rename a named frame, simply double click on the list item to enable renaming

Rename Named Frame

Load and Save Named Frames

To save and load all the named frames on the selected link, use the Save and Load buttons near the bottom of the widget.