Actin  Version 5.5.5
Software for Robotics Simulation and Control
Managing Plugins in ActinViewer

Table of Contents

Loading a Plugin

ActinViewer has been built with plugin architecture. Thus there are different plugins providing different functionality. Below are some characteristics of the plugins:

  • Typically, the plugins have an extension of .ecp.
  • There are two types of plugins
    1. Permanent - The permanent plugins are plugins that can be loaded depending on the requirement. Once loaded, these plugins cannot be unloaded.
    2. Default - When the application starts, there are few plugins that are needed for performing the basic functionality such as the loading the main widget or the render screen. These plugins are called as default plugins.

We can load a plugin using the Plugins -> Load Plugins menu as shown in the figure below.

Plugin Menu

Load Plugin

On selecting the "Load Plugins..." menu option, a "File Open" dialog comes up as shown in the figure below and we could select the plugin/plugins to be loaded, by navigating to the path where the plugin is present. Depending on the plugin loaded, a corresponding menu item or a toolbar item gets added allowing access to the plugin's functionality.

Load Plugin