Actin  Version 5.5.5
Software for Robotics Simulation and Control


The Application preferences can be set in the Preferences Dialog. The various preferences that can be set for the application are:

Preferences Page

The preferences dialog is accessible using the Edit –> Preferences option as shown below. Selecting the option brings up the "Preferences Dialog" with different Pages as described in the sections below. Any changes in the Preference dialog will take effect on clicking the "Apply" or the "Ok" button.

Accessing the preferences dialog

Plugin Preferences Page

In this page, a list of all available plugins is displayed, and, we can select/deselect the plugins that should be loaded at startup when the application is started. This feature is useful when we typically need a certain set of plugins for the operations that we do and require these plugins to be loaded always when applicaton starts. These settings are stored in the Registry.

Plugin Preferences Page

General Preferences Page

General Preferences Page

In this page, we can set the following:

  • Set the number of files that should be shown in the "Recently used list" under the "File menu" as shown in the Figure below
Recently Used File List
  • Select the stylesheet or theme to be used for the application, which will be used for displaying the various UI components
  • Set if a mouse hover on the links of the simulation model, displayed in the render window, should display the name of the link as shown in the Figure below.
Display Link name on mouse hover
  • Update home position on save: This option is used to update the "Home positon" in the simulation file on Save. We can move the manipulators to desired position, and select the "Set state as home" under "Simulation" menu. This updates the home position for the manipulator and is used during the current session of the application, when we select the "Reset State to Home" under "Simulation" menu. If we check the option here, the last set 'Home position' for the manipulator is saved along with the simulation when it is saved using File-Save or File-SaveAs options. If this option is not checked, then the default behavior of the application is to use the current position of the manipulators at the time of File Save, as the "Home Position".

Changing Display/Input Units

The Unit Manager plugin is responsible for handling the units in which various physical quantities such as linear velocity, angular velocity, distance, angles etc. are displayed across the application. This plugin is loaded by default and allows the user to configure the units in which the physical quantities (both linear and angular) will be displayed and edited. This can be done in the "Preferences" as described in the section below.

Unit Preferences Page

Selecting the "Units" option in the preferences dialog will display the "Unit Manager Page" allowing configuration of the units to be used for displaying or editing values as shown below.

Unit Preferences Page

Selecting the most suitable units and then clicking the Apply button will change the units used in other plugins. For example, Figure 3 and Figure 4 show the manipulator configuration dialog and the dragger dialog using different units.

Meters and degrees as units
Millimeters and radians as units

Viewer Interaction and Rendering Preferences Page

In this page, we can set some of the settings that are related to the input devices such as mouse and keyboard

  • We can set if link name should be displayed at the mouse tip when we hover the mouse over the link. By default, If the option to display link name is set in the General Preferences Page, the name is displayed at the bottom of the mouse cursor.
  • Set the zoom point as the mouse tip
  • Use cartoon shader for rendering
  • Configure the Shortcut key combinations for various operations such as
    • Change the Active Manipulator
    • Change the Active Control Method
    • Change the Active End Effector Set
    • Change the Active Motion Constraint
Viewer Interaction and Rendering Preferences Page