Actin  Version 5.5.5
Software for Robotics Simulation and Control
Simplify Model and Export Control System Executive

Simplify Model

In Actin, users can generate a simplified model for an existing manipulator. Generally speaking, the simplified model replace the geometric feature of a manipulator with its bounding volume. The following example shows the generation process of a simplified model of a UR5 Model.

First, open the "UR5.ecx" file in Actin Viewer, it shows a UR5 manipulator with its full geometric features,

UR5 Full Geometry.

Second, click "File -> Save As...", it will shows the following dialog, check the "Save Simplified Geometry". In this example, the simplified model is save as "UR5-Simplified.ecx". Click on "Save", a simplified model will be generated.

UR5 Simplified Model Conversion.

We can open the "UR5-Simplified.ecx" to view the simplified model generated by the process above.

UR5 Simplified Geometry.

Export System Control Executive

Users can also export the system control executive of a manipulator to a XML file. Similarly, take the UR5 model as an example.

First, open "UR5.ecx" in Actin Viewer,

UR5 Original Model.

Second, click "File -> Export...", choose "Files of type" to be "XML Files (*.xml)" and "Object to Export" to be "System Control Executive". Then click on "Save".

UR5 Export System Control Executive Dialog.

We can import the generated model again to check on the generated model. The generated model will look a bit different from the original model since the visualization information are lost during the exportation of the model.

UR5 Reload Exported System.