Actin  Version 5.5.5
Software for Robotics Simulation and Control
Simulation Status

Table of Contents

Guide Overview

The status plugin displays information and status about events or conditions that may arise while manipulating the robot.

Status Panel

If the plugin is loaded, button will be in the status bar as shown below.

Status Buttons

This panel is also available from the view menu.

View Menu

Clicking on the status button toggles the status panel. This panel appears at the bottom of the render window displaying useful information such as the current Arm (manipulator), current end effector, as well as status information about the current condition of the simulation in the case of a joint limit, collision or singularity. If a collision or joint limit is detected, it will highlight the two colliding links. Images of these phenomenon can be seen below.

Status panel showing additional information
Status panel showing joint limit condition
Status panel showing collision condition

If the status panel is shown, then clicking on the button would hide the status panel and display the status bar as shown in the figure below.

Status panel hidden with indication of a message