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EcDodLibraryEventParams Class Reference

Base class to provide input to dod events. More...

#include <ecDodLibraryEventParams.h>

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Public Types

enum  ObjectType {
enum  EventType {

Public Member Functions

 EcDodLibraryEventParams (EcDodLibraryEventParams::EventType eventToHandle)
 default constructor
virtual ~EcDodLibraryEventParams ()
 EcDodLibraryEventParams (const EcDodLibraryEventParams &orig)
 copy constructor
EcDodLibraryEventParamsoperator= (const EcDodLibraryEventParams &orig)
 assignment operator
EcBoolean operator== (const EcDodLibraryEventParams &orig) const
 equality operator
void setObjectType (EcDodLibraryEventParams::ObjectType type)
 the object type
EcDodLibraryEventParams::ObjectType objectType () const
 returns the object type
void setObjectName (const EcString &name)
 the object type
const EcStringobjectName () const
 returns the object type
EcDodLibraryEventParams::EventType eventType () const

Protected Attributes

EcDodLibraryEventParams::ObjectType m_ObjectType
EcDodLibraryEventParams::EventType m_EventType
EcString m_ObjectName

Detailed Description

Base class to provide input to dod events.

Base class to provide input for dod events.

Definition at line 16 of file ecDodLibraryEventParams.h.

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