Actin  Version 5.5.5
Software for Robotics Simulation and Control
ecTypes.h File Reference

A defininition of basic types of data and structs. More...

#include "ecConfig.h"
#include <complex>
#include <list>
#include <map>
#include <set>
#include <string>
#include <vector>
#include <ecboost/cstdint.hpp>
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struct  EcNullDeleter


typedef bool EcBoolean
 Boolean (0 or 1)
typedef float EcF32
 32-bit floating-point.
typedef double EcF64
 64-bit floating-point.
typedef EcF64 EcReal
 Alias for 64-bit float.
typedef EcF64 EcTime
 A special type for time.
typedef unsigned char EcU8
 8-bit unsigned integer
typedef char EcInt8
 8-bit signed integer
typedef ecboost::uint16_t EcU16
 16-bit unsigned integer More...
typedef ecboost::int16_t EcInt16
 16-bit signed integer
typedef ecboost::uint32_t EcU32
 32-bit unsigned integer
typedef ecboost::int32_t EcInt32
 32-bit signed integer
typedef ecboost::uint64_t EcU64
 64-bit unsigned integer
typedef ecboost::int64_t EcInt64
 64-bit signed integer
typedef std::complex< double > EcComplexReal
 a complex real value
typedef std::basic_string< char > EcString
 a character string
typedef std::basic_string< wchar_t > EcWString
 a wide character string
typedef std::size_t EcSizeT
 unsigned integer type used to represent indices and the sizes of containers
typedef std::vector< EcSizeTEcSizeTVector
 a vector of indices
typedef std::string::size_type EcStringSizeT
 similar to EcSizeT but for strings
typedef std::vector< EcStringEcStringVector
 string organization using vectors
typedef std::vector< EcStringVectorEcStringVectorVector
 a vector of string vectors
typedef std::vector< EcStringVectorVectorEcStringVector3D
 a vector of vectors of string vectors
typedef std::list< EcStringEcStringList
 a list of string
typedef std::set< EcU32EcU32Set
 a set of U32
typedef std::set< EcStringEcStringSet
 a set of U32
typedef std::map< EcString, EcU32EcStringU32Map
 a string-u32 map
typedef std::map< EcString, EcInt32EcStringInt32Map
 a string-int32 map
typedef std::map< EcString, EcRealEcStringRealMap
 a string-real map
typedef std::map< EcString, EcStringEcStringStringMap
 a string-string map
typedef std::less< EcStringEcStringComp
 a comparison function for strings
typedef std::vector< EcRealEcRealVector
 a general floating-point vector
typedef std::vector< EcU32EcU32Vector
 a general 32-bit unsigned integer vector
typedef std::vector< EcU32VectorEcU32VectorVector
 a 2D vector of EcU32
typedef std::vector< EcInt32EcInt32Vector
 a general 32-bit signed integer vector
typedef std::vector< EcInt32VectorEcInt32VectorVector
 a general 2D 32-bit signed integer vector
typedef std::vector< EcInt32VectorVectorEcInt32Vector3D
 a general 3D 32-bit signed integer vector
typedef std::vector< EcU16EcU16Vector
 a general 16-bit unsigned integer vector
typedef std::vector< EcInt16EcInt16Vector
 a general 16-bit signed integer vector
typedef std::vector< EcInt16VectorEcInt16VectorVector
 a general 2D 16-bit signed integer vector
typedef std::vector< EcU8EcU8Vector
 a general 8-bit unsigned integer vector
typedef std::vector< EcInt8EcInt8Vector
 a general 8-bit signed integer vector
typedef std::vector< EcBooleanEcBooleanVector
 a general boolean vector
typedef std::vector< EcBooleanVectorEcBooleanVectorVector
 a general 2D boolean vector
typedef std::vector< EcRealVectorEcRealVectorVector
 a general floating-point array
typedef std::vector< EcRealVectorVectorEcRealVector3D
 a general floating-point 3D array
typedef std::vector< EcComplexRealEcComplexVector
 a general complex vector
typedef std::vector< EcComplexVectorEcComplexVectorVector
 a general complex array
typedef std::pair< EcU32, EcU32EcU32U32Pair
 a pair of U32 values
typedef std::vector< EcU32U32PairEcU32U32PairVector
 a vector of U32U32Pair (ex. manip and link indices)
typedef std::pair< EcString, EcStringEcStringStringPair
 a pair of strings
typedef std::pair< EcString, EcU32EcStringU32Pair
 a coupling of a string with a U32


const char EcSelfTestDirectory [] = "selfTest"
 define the self test directory name.

Detailed Description

A defininition of basic types of data and structs.

This presents typedefs to data types and structs.

Definition in file ecTypes.h.

Typedef Documentation

typedef ecboost::uint16_t EcU16

16-bit unsigned integer

Boost does a really good job of properly defining size types for a wide variety of platforms.

Definition at line 47 of file ecTypes.h.