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EcManipulatorMotionRrtPlan Class Reference

RRT planning. More...

#include <ecManipulatorMotionRrtPlan.h>

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Public Types

enum  ParameterType {
 param type
typedef std::map< EcString, ParameterTypeEcManipulatorMotionRrtPlanParamMap
 parameter map type for script parsing
- Public Types inherited from EcMotionScriptObject
enum  Status {

Public Member Functions

 EcManipulatorMotionRrtPlan ()
 default constructor
virtual const EcStringtoken () const EC_OVERRIDE
 token More...
virtual EcBoolean read (const EcMotionScriptTokenTree &tokenTree, EcString *pErrorMsg) EC_OVERRIDE
 read list More...
virtual EcString write () const EC_OVERRIDE
 write to script More...
virtual Status run (EcBaseControlSystemModifier &modifier, const EcReal currentTime) EC_OVERRIDE
 run the script More...
virtual void restart () EC_OVERRIDE
 restart by setting the status to NOT_STARTED More...
EcReal maxTime () const
 get Max Time in seconds
void setMaxTime (const EcMotionScriptRealObjectSharedPtr &maxTime)
 set Max Time in seconds
void setMaxTime (EcReal maxTime)
 set Max Time in seconds
EcReal stepSize () const
 get step size in radians
void setStepSize (const EcMotionScriptRealObjectSharedPtr &stepSize)
 set step size in radians
void setStepSize (EcReal stepSize)
 set step size in radians
EcReal collisionStepSize () const
 get collision stepsize
void setCollisionStepSize (const EcMotionScriptRealObjectSharedPtr &stepSize)
 set collision stepsize
void setCollisionStepSize (EcReal stepSize)
 set collision stepsize
EcReal collisionThreshold () const
 get collision threshold
void setCollisionThreshold (const EcMotionScriptRealObjectSharedPtr &threshold)
 set collision threshold
void setCollisionThreshold (EcReal threshold)
 set collision tolerance
EcU32 pathShorteningIterations () const
void setPathShorteningIterations (const EcMotionScriptU32ObjectSharedPtr &numIterations)
void setPathShorteningIterations (EcU32 numIterations)
EcReal pathShorteningTolerance () const
 get path shortening tolerance
void setPathShorteningTolerance (const EcMotionScriptRealObjectSharedPtr &tolerance)
 set path shortening tolerance
void setPathShorteningTolerance (EcReal tolerance)
 set path shortening tolerance
EcReal speedFactor () const
 get Speed Factor
void setSpeedFactor (const EcMotionScriptRealObjectSharedPtr &factor)
 set Speed Factor
void setSpeedFactor (EcReal factor)
 set Speed Factor
EcReal accelerationFactor () const
 get Acceleration Factor
void setAccelerationFactor (const EcMotionScriptRealObjectSharedPtr &factor)
 set Acceleration Factor
void setAccelerationFactor (EcReal factor)
 set Acceleration Factor
EcReal tolerance () const
 get tolerance
void setTolerance (const EcMotionScriptRealObjectSharedPtr &tolerance)
 set tolerance
void setTolerance (EcReal tolerance)
 set tolerance
- Public Member Functions inherited from EcBaseManipulatorMotion
void setManipulatorIndex (const EcU32 manipIndex)
 set manipulator index
void setManipulatorIndex (const EcMotionScriptU32ObjectSharedPtr &pManipIndex)
 set manipulator index
const EcMotionScriptU32ObjectSharedPtr & manipulatorIndex () const
 get manipulator index
void setMotionId (const EcInt32 id)
 Set the motion ID.
EcInt32 motionId () const
 Get the motion ID.
- Public Member Functions inherited from EcMotionScriptObject
 EcMotionScriptObject ()
 default constructor
virtual ~EcMotionScriptObject ()
Status status () const
 get status
EcReal progress () const
 get progress in [0, 1]
virtual EcBoolean setContainer (EcBaseMotionScriptContainer *pContainer)
 set the container More...
virtual EcMotionScriptObjectclone (EcBaseMotionScriptContainer *pContainer) const
 Clone with container. More...
EcBoolean readWithContainer (const EcMotionScriptTokenTree &tokenTree, EcBaseMotionScriptContainer *pContainer, EcString *pErrorMsg)
 read with container
virtual void pause ()
 request to pause
virtual void resume ()
 request to resume

Static Public Member Functions

static EcMotionScriptObjectnewObject ()
 motion script object creator
static const EcStringscriptToken ()
 script token
- Static Public Member Functions inherited from EcMotionScriptObject
static EcMotionScriptSharedPtr parseScript (const EcString &script, EcString *pErrorMsg)
 parse script
static EcMotionScriptSharedPtr parseScript (const EcMotionScriptTokenTree &tokenTree, EcBaseMotionScriptContainer *pContainer, EcString *pErrorMsg)
 parse script
static EcBoolean isKeyword (const EcString &symbol)
 is keyword
static EcBoolean tokenize (const EcString &script, EcStringList &tokens, EcString *pErrorMsg)
static EcBoolean readFromTokens (EcStringList &tokens, EcMotionScriptTokenTree &tokenTree, EcString *pErrorMsg)
 read from tokens
static EcBoolean registerScript (const EcString &scriptToken, const EcMotionScriptObjectCreator &creator)
static EcStringSet registeredScriptTokens ()

Protected Attributes

EcMotionScriptRealVectorObjectSharedPtr m_pTargetJoints
EcMotionScriptRealObjectSharedPtr m_pPlannerMaxTime
 default value: 5.0
EcMotionScriptRealObjectSharedPtr m_pPlannerStepSize
 default value: 0.5
EcMotionScriptRealObjectSharedPtr m_pCollisionStepSize
 default value: 0.02
EcMotionScriptRealObjectSharedPtr m_pCollisionThreshold
 default value: 0.1
EcMotionScriptU32ObjectSharedPtr m_pPathShorteningIterations
 default value: 1
EcMotionScriptRealObjectSharedPtr m_pPathShorteningTolerance
 default value: 0.02
EcMotionScriptRealObjectSharedPtr m_pMotionSpeedFactor
 default value: 1.0
EcMotionScriptRealObjectSharedPtr m_pMotionAccelerationFactor
 default value: 1.0
EcMotionScriptRealObjectSharedPtr m_pMotionTolerance
 default value: 0.001
EcBoolean m_UsePathCaching
 name of the data map string script
EcMotionScriptStringObjectSharedPtr m_pPathScriptName
 skip if not used
EcMotionScriptRealObjectSharedPtr m_pAssertThreshold
 skip if not used
EcBoolean m_UseSamplingDataCaching
EcMotionScriptStringObjectSharedPtr m_pRandomSeedName
 data map key for the random seed used
EcMotionScriptStringObjectSharedPtr m_pNumberOfSamplesName
 data map key for the number of generated samples
EcMotionScriptSequence m_MotionSequence
EcRrtPathPlanner m_PathPlanner
EcCoordinatedJointEndEffectorTool m_JointEeTool
- Protected Attributes inherited from EcBaseManipulatorMotion
EcMotionScriptU32ObjectSharedPtr m_pManipIndex
 manipulator index
EcInt32 m_MotionId
 the motion ID, currently only used by the group motion manager
- Protected Attributes inherited from EcMotionScriptObject
 the container
Status m_Status
 motion status
EcReal m_Progress
 motion script progress in [0, 1]
EcBoolean m_PauseFlag

Static Protected Attributes

static const EcManipulatorMotionRrtPlanParamMap m_RrtPlanParamMap
static const EcReal m_DefaultPlannerMaxTime
static const EcReal m_DefaultPlannerStepSize
static const EcReal m_DefaultCollisionStepSize
static const EcReal m_DefaultCollisionThreshold
static const EcU32 m_DefaultPathShorteningIterations
static const EcReal m_DefaultPathShorteningTolerance
static const EcReal m_DefaultMotionSpeedFactor
static const EcReal m_DefaultMotionAccelerationFactor
static const EcReal m_DefaultMotionTolerance

Detailed Description

RRT planning.

Plan a path in joint space for a manipulator, move along the path.

Definition at line 24 of file ecManipulatorMotionRrtPlan.h.

Member Function Documentation

EcU32 EcManipulatorMotionRrtPlan::pathShorteningIterations ( ) const

get path shortening number of iterations

See also
virtual EcBoolean EcManipulatorMotionRrtPlan::read ( const EcMotionScriptTokenTree tokenTree,
EcString pErrorMsg 

read list

(rrt_plan <manip_id> <desired_joint> [(<para_0_str> <para_0_value>) ...])

Implements EcMotionScriptObject.

virtual void EcManipulatorMotionRrtPlan::restart ( )

restart by setting the status to NOT_STARTED

Implements EcBaseManipulatorMotion.

virtual Status EcManipulatorMotionRrtPlan::run ( EcBaseControlSystemModifier modifier,
const EcReal  currentTime 

run the script

Implements EcBaseManipulatorMotion.

void EcManipulatorMotionRrtPlan::setPathShorteningIterations ( const EcMotionScriptU32ObjectSharedPtr &  numIterations)

set path shortening number of iterations

See also
void EcManipulatorMotionRrtPlan::setPathShorteningIterations ( EcU32  numIterations)

set path shortening number of iterations

See also
virtual const EcString& EcManipulatorMotionRrtPlan::token ( ) const


Implements EcMotionScriptObject.

virtual EcString EcManipulatorMotionRrtPlan::write ( ) const

write to script

Implements EcMotionScriptObject.

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