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EcAppendSceneVisitor Class Reference

Visitor implementation for appending a scene. More...

#include <ecAppendSceneVisitor.h>

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Public Member Functions

 EcAppendSceneVisitor (const EcManipulationScene &scene)
virtual ~EcAppendSceneVisitor ()
virtual EcBoolean success () const EC_OVERRIDE
 returns a flag indicating if the append was successful
virtual void visit (EcManipulationDirector &director, EcManipulationDirectorState *pState=0) EC_OVERRIDE
 visit a manipulation director
virtual void visit (EcManipulationScript &script, EcDirectorObjectDirectory &dod, EcManipulationScriptState *pState=0) EC_OVERRIDE
 visit a manipulation script
virtual void visit (EcManipulationSceneDirectorObject &sceneObject, EcManipulationSceneState *pState=0) EC_OVERRIDE
virtual void visit (EcManipulationScene &scene, EcManipulationSceneState *pState=0) EC_OVERRIDE
 visit a manipulation scene
- Public Member Functions inherited from EcManipulationDirectorVisitor
 EcManipulationDirectorVisitor ()
virtual ~EcManipulationDirectorVisitor ()

Protected Attributes

EcManipulationScene m_Scene
 the scene to append
EcManipulationSceneStateContainer m_SceneState
 state for the scene to append
EcBoolean m_Success
 flag indicating if the append was successful

Detailed Description

Visitor implementation for appending a scene.

Definition at line 19 of file ecAppendSceneVisitor.h.

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