Actin  Version 5.5.5
Software for Robotics Simulation and Control
EcManipulationDirectorUpdateParams Class Reference

This class is a container for paremeters used for manipulation director updates. More...

#include <ecManipulationDirectorUpdateParams.h>

Public Member Functions

 EcManipulationDirectorUpdateParams (const EcManipulatorSystemState &objectState, const EcManipulatorSystemState &manipState, const EcStatedSystem &statedSystem, const EcManipulatorEndEffectorPlacementVector &actualPlacements, const EcPositionControlSystem &manipPositionControlSystem, const EcForceControlSystem &, EcDataMap &dataMap, EcManipulationDirectorExternalInterface *pExternalInterface, EcRrtPathPlanner *pPathPlanner=EcNULL, EcWorkerThreadPool *pPathPlanningThreadPool=EcNULL)
virtual const EcManipulatorSystemStateobjectState () const
 returns the objecte state
virtual const EcManipulatorSystemStatemanipState () const
 returns the manipulator state
virtual const EcStatedSystemstatedSystem () const
virtual const EcManipulatorEndEffectorPlacementVectoractualPlacements () const
 returns the actual placements
virtual const EcPositionControlSystemmanipPositionControlSystem () const
 returns the manipulator position control system
virtual EcDataMapdataMap () const
 returns the data map
virtual EcManipulationDirectorExternalInterfaceexternalInterface () const
 returns a pointer to the external interface
virtual EcRrtPathPlannerpathPlannerPtr () const
 returns a pointer to the path planner
virtual EcWorkerThreadPoolpathPlanningThreadPoolPtr () const
 returns a pointer to the thread pool used for path planning calculation
virtual EcBoolean indexFromRole (const EcString &role, EcU32 &manipIndex, const EcManipulationDirector &director) const
virtual EcBoolean manipulatorIndex (const EcString &manipName, EcU32 &manipIndex) const
virtual EcBoolean roleFromIndex (EcU32 manipIndex, EcString &roleName, const EcManipulationDirector &director) const
virtual EcXmlStringU32Map cast (const EcManipulationDirector &director) const

Detailed Description

This class is a container for paremeters used for manipulation director updates.

ecCirclePathExampleDirection.cpp, and ecTimedWaitExampleDirection.cpp.

Definition at line 29 of file ecManipulationDirectorUpdateParams.h.

Member Function Documentation

virtual const EcStatedSystem& EcManipulationDirectorUpdateParams::statedSystem ( ) const

returns the stated system. Note however that this stated system may not contain the current state. For current state, use either manipState or objectState


Definition at line 86 of file ecManipulationDirectorUpdateParams.h.

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